An awaited break from bustling life

At Ragala Resorts, we offer selections of event spaces surrounded by nature’s serenity. Also, our stay options are an array of traditional to modern structural designs. Create your best memories today.

“Taking over to the next generation”

Ragala Resorts is a family-run resort, that started in the year 2014. Initially, the space was set up and operated by our elder generation. Now, we the younger generation are taking over and implementing our ideology into the current operations of the business.

We believe, the process of presenting both these ideologies into a transformed service to our customers can better each other. It shows in everything – from what we design,  to what we value and deliver.

We, as a family, are forever curious and ready to transform the way business is done. 

Event Spaces

Ragala Resorts Hyderabad offers a varied selection of event spaces to suit different occasions and celebrations. Choose the space that’s safe and right to your budget.



Relish the view, the chill in the winds, a sure thing to include in your wanderlust

Summer House

An apt staycation spot, for groups looking to spend private quality time with an indoor pool 

Coconut Cottages

Modest, yet cozy dwelling stay at our studio cottages, with ethereal nature’s presence