Games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow.

To excite the child in you, we at Ragala Resorts are providing a varied set of games according to each person’s interest.

Indoor games

Lets end the stereotypes that games need to be played outside and it’s restricted to children. Here at our resort we encourage and offer games that caters to the excitement of both children and adults. We have Beach volleyball, table tennis, indoor badminton court, carroms, chess and Pool table and planning on bringing in more soon..
NO rules. NO restrictions. Just play, play and play till your heart feels contended and stress is out of the door.

Outdoor games

How can we disappoint nature driven people, who wanted their every activity in the presence of fresh air and greenery? In complementary to the indoor games, we offer an outdoor badminton court and its the choice of the gamer, we are not here to judge. You choose. We provide. Also there is a small playground set arranged for your kids just right next to the rooms. Trust us, we do not want them to be bored or cranky!

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